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Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR and with marketing.

~ Natalie Massenet (Businesswoman)

When the “red pen” comes out…

When your manuscript, book or document has already been professionally edited, it is the proofreader (not the editor – people often confuse the two) whose job it is to spot typographical and mechanical errors and any other mistakes that may have been missed by the copyeditor. Once the document has been designed, the proofreader can also look for formatting issues, scrutinising design and layout. This is the final time your work will be reviewed before you print online or offline, and people expect error-free work!

… on or off screen

Our proofreaders can can do online proofreading, or offline proofreading, on screen or on paper. Many of our clients expect the proofs to be marked up directly on the printed documents; others expect the proofing to be done on a pdf. using “sticky notes”. We can do whichever is most convenient to the client. The chief aim is to achieve copy that is clean, professional and consistent.